Koishi Komeiji (2023)

Read your mind? I've already closed my satori eye. Reading peoples' minds only makes you depressed and there's nothing good about it.
~ Koishi Komeiji

Koishi Komeiji is a character from theTouhou Project series, debuting in the eleventh official game, Subterranean Animism as the Extra Stage boss. She is Satori Komeiji's younger sister.

(Video) Koishi Komeiji's Heart-Throbbing Adventure


(Video) Koishi Komeiji's Heart-Throbbing Adventure: Explained
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Koishi wanted to avoid the hate and dislike which Satori experienced due to her mind-reading abilities, so she sealed away her own Third Eye. This backfired, since she gained the ability to read and manipulate people's subconscious, an even greater ability. However, she also became much more carefree as a result, and didn't mind as much.She now spends much of her time wandering the world aimlessly.

During the events of Subterranean Animism

After her encounter with the heroine in Subterranean Animism's Extra Stage, however, she became curious, and wanted to start actually meeting people.

(Video) Touhou 11 - Koishi Komeiji Extra "Perfect"

Symposium of Post-mysticism

After the events of Symposium of Post-mysticism, Byakuren Hijiri solicited Koishi into her faction as a laywoman. She becomes a Buddhist.

Hopeless Masquerade

In Hopeless Masquerade, she participates in a battle for popularity between Gensokyo's most prominent adherents of Shinto, Buddhism, and Taoism, for fun. It is revealed that, during and after the events of the game, she found Hata no Kokoro's mask of hope and decided to keep it for herself, temporarily obtaining the emotion of hope.

(Video) SA Koishi's Theme: Hartmann's Youkai Girl


Koishi's presence cannot be "felt" by anyone unless she has entered their direct field of vision, and is forgotten as soon as she leaves it. In general, she doesn't have a personality. However, children enjoy her presence as one of an imaginary friend, whom they forget about once they grow up. However, as Satori's presence has been made known, even Koishi has begun to be recognized as of late.


  • (Touhou 11, 12.5) Has wavy, grey-greenish, short hair and dark green eyes, wears a black hat with a yellow ribbon around it. A closed, dark blue "third eye" is positioned over her heart, with cords wrapped around her torso and attached to each of her ankles. Wears a yellow shirt with diamond-like blue buttons and dark green collar. The skirt is also green with a faint flowery pattern, but a lot lighter. Her socks are black.
  • (Touhou 13.5) Same as above, except her hair is bright green with yellow shine and it is slightly shorter. Her third eye and its cords are now dark purple and her socks are dark blue.


  • Pets: Koishi wanted to receive the blessing of Kanako Yasaka so she could give her own pets power like Satori's pets were given, so Koishi does apparently have pets.
  • Mask of Hope & the emotion of hope: During and after the events of Hopeless Masquerade, Koishi now possesses the original Mask of Hope that once belonged to Hata no Kokoro before she lost it. Koishi found it while wandering around Gensokyo, and because of this, she temporarily obtained the emotion of hope.



  • The characters for Komeiji literally mean "ancient and pure/bright earth". Koishi is not written in Kanji, but it's supposed to mean "love" or "beloved".
  • In Koishi's profile, it is said that she met a human at the shrine at the top of the mountain who made her regret closing her third eye and want to learn more about this human. Though it may seem like this was talking about Sanae, once put in to context by the extra stage of Subterranean Animism, it is clear that the human it was talking about is either Reimu or Marisa.
  • After the fight with the heroine, she starts to become curious about the Human race and begins to investigate them. The Humans can't see her because of her ability to control the Subconsious. (She uses her ability to become invisible to humans).
  • Koishi's musical theme, Hartmann's Youkai Girl, may refer to Eduard von Hartmann (whose most famous work is entitled The Philosophy of the Unconscious) or Heinz Hartmann (as many of Koishi's spellcards seem to make references to ego psychology.) The track itself is also arranged so that it has symmetrical parts, making it sound remarkably similar to itself even when played reversed, possibly as a reference to the practice of backmasking.
  • Satori and Koishi's design may have been inspired by the 1939 painting by Frida Kahlo titled "The Two Fridas". The subject is essentially two identical women (sisters/clones/twins...) with visible hearts and external arteries that seem to connect and wrap around their shoulders and arms, where one of them has a cut artery and a pair of scissors in hands (Resembling Koishi, who has closed her third eye).
  • If her and Satori's color schemes are inverted, they will both somewhat resemble each other.


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Why did Koishi close her third eye? ›

Koishi wanted to avoid the hate and dislike which Satori experienced due to her mind-reading abilities, so she sealed away her own Third Eye. This backfired, since she gained the ability to read and manipulate people's subconscious, an even greater ability.

What is Koishi Komeiji's Heart Throbbing Adventure about? ›

Koishi Komeiji's Heart-Throbbing Adventure (or "Komeiji Koishi No Dokidoki Daibouken" in Japanese) is a 2009 Web Original series of videos made by Nico Nico Douga user Sentaku-sen, telling a harrowing, violent and badly-drawn story about Koishi Komeiji attempting to acquire a fishing rod.

What does Koishi Komeiji mean? ›

Koishi Komeiji (古明地 こいし) is her full name. Her surname Komeiji (古明地, lit. "ancient-bright earth") is an actual Japanese surname, seen mainly in the Yamanashi prefecture.

Does Koishi have emotions? ›

Koishi has emotions. In fact you might even say she's more in tune with her emotions than anyone else. What she's lacking is her ego, in the Freudian sense. She has no buffer of reason and logic in between her emotions and her actions.

What does three eyes symbolize? ›

The third eye is a representation of mystical intuition and insight—an inner vision and enlightenment beyond what the physical eyes can see. It is traditionally depicted as being located in the middle of the forehead.

What does Dakis third eye do? ›

This third eye is said to grant Daki a level of vision where she can perceive and counter every new move coming her way, but the extent of this new ability has yet to be truly revealed in this episode.

Who is the oldest in Gensokyo? ›


Yukari Yakumo is one of the oldest and most powerful youkai in all of Gensokyo. She is in fact older than the history of Gensokyo and therefore very knowledgeable and experienced in all matters concerning it as well as the outside world. At the same time she seems to lack common sense from a human perspective.

How tall is Koishi Komeiji? ›

Approximately 460mm in height.

Is Cirno a protagonist? ›

Cirno is the protagonist and the only playable character of Great Fairy Wars, who only has one "shot type". Unlike other games, Cirno is able to freeze danmaku.

Why does Koishi have a phone? ›

The Phone is an item found behind the Hakurei Shrine in Gensokyo arena, it can't be picked up though. The Phone and the code is necessary to unlock the character Koishi Komeiji. To unlock her, player must stand near The Phone. Once standing near the phone, they must type/spam a secret code.

How old is Aya Shameimaru? ›

Aya Shameimaru is about 1000 years old according to Touhou wiki.

What color is Satori Komeiji hair? ›

Satori has short, purple hair with a black hairband and purple eyes. A red "third eye" is positioned over her heart, with cords running to her head and wrists.

What kind of yokai is Yukari Yakumo? ›

Yukari Yakumo (八雲 紫 Yakumo Yukari) is a legendary youkai who is able to manipulate boundaries. She is the master of Ran Yakumo. She is called the "gap youkai" (すきま妖怪 sukima youkai), although "gap youkai" is not the name of a species, as she is more of a one-of-a-kind type of youkai.

When was Koishi born? ›

Koishi was born in Tosu on August 22, 1977. After graduating from Rissho University, he joined the J2 League club Sagan Tosu based in his local area in 2000.

What youkai is Koishi? ›

The younger sister of Satori Komeji, Koishi, like her sister, is a type of Youkai called a Satori. While Satori typically have the ability to read the minds of others using their third eye, Koishi was unable to deal with the hatred from others who despised this ability, and so she closed her third eye.

Who are the three eyed deities? ›

One of Shiva's many names is Tryambakam, the three-eyed one and he is the only deity to have a physical third eye. This name signifies the deep and pure consciousness of the universe that pervades and transcends all time: present, past and future that Shiva manifests in his third eye.

Is the Eye of Horus The third eye? ›

The Eye of Horus has been used for many metaphors over the years, i.e., “Eye of the Mind, Third Eye, Eye of the Truth or Insight, the Eye of God Inside the Human Mind.” The ancient Egyptians, because of their beliefs in the Eye of Horus' mystic powers, gave all of these names to the Eye of Horus.

Why did UME stab eye? ›

However, this all came to an end when Ume stabbed a samurai costumer of hers in the eye when he insulted her brother. In retaliation, she was bound, burned alive and left to die in a ditch.

Why did Daki's hair turn white demon slayer? ›

Daki too has reached new heights of power. She absorbs the remains of the belt demon, her hair turns white and green, and she gets uh, more veiny. But she is shocked when Tanjiro's Sun Breathing not only cuts through her belts, but actually burns her.

Does UZUI lose his eye? ›

After an intense battle and the support from Uzui's wives, Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu, the demons are defeated. However, Uzui loses one of his arms and an eye in the fight, leaving Tengen Uzui with no choice but to retire from the Demon Slayer Corps.

Who is the youngest person in Touhou? ›

Chiyuri is thought to be the youngest character in the Touhou series whose actual age is known. If any character was younger at the time of their first appearance, their age was never revealed.

Is there a single male character in Touhou? ›

With all those two points out of the way, let us get in to the main facts of the series. General Facts: The most notable fact I can say about Touhou Project is that in the entire 25 games, there are only three named males. Yes, the entire cast is mostly female.

Who is the strongest being in Touhou? ›

Hecatia is the only extra stage boss who has another boss helping her in her battle. According to an Interview with ZUN, she's the strongest Touhou character to date, stating: "Since she's an enemy that doesn't play by the rules, you can't even call it a proper match.

How old are the girl in Touhou? ›

Re: Touhou character's ages

as for Reimu, Marisa, Alice and Sanae, i'd say they're all around 15 or 16.

How strong is Rumia? ›

Her ability is "Manipulation of darkness", which sounds powerful, but is actually quite weak. Being a stage one boss in both The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil and Shoot the Bullet, makes her appear to be a joke by ZUN. Rumia is mostly seen with her arms spread out, claiming that it looks like "The Saint was crucified".

How tall is reimu? ›

Touhou School
NameReimu HakureiRelationships
Height158 cm (5'2")Remilia Scarlet
Three sizes75 cm/59 cm/81 cm (30 in/23 in/ 31 in)Alice Margatroid
Class2-A (High school)Mima
ClubsStudent Council (secretary), Magic Club (phantom member)
4 more rows

Who is the strongest fairy in Touhou? ›

Cirno is the strongest fairy and she can manipulate cold! You can spot her with the other fairies playing pranks on those passing by the Misty Lake! Her chibi character phone wallpaper is now out in two sizes!

What is Cirno's gender? ›

Summary. Cirno (チルノ Chiruno) is the main protagonist of Fairy Wars. She is a ice fairy who first appeared on the second stage of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. As a fairy, she is exceptionally strong for her kind, matching the power of some weak youkai.

Who is the villain in Touhou? ›

Remilia Scarlet is the main antagonist of the 2002 Bullet Hell video game Touhou 6: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. She is the owner and head of the Scarlet Devil Mansion from the Touhou Project series of video games, the mistress of Sakuya Izayoi and Hong Meiling, and the older sister (and guardian) of Flandre Scarlet.

How do you open your third eye meditation? ›

Repeat these phrases to help open the third eye during meditations:
  1. I trust my intuition.
  2. I am wise and intuitive.
  3. I know my inner guide.
  4. I know my life's purpose.
  5. I am open to learning from life's experiences.
  6. I have a vivid and powerful imagination.
  7. I am connected to the spiritual universe.
Mar 15, 2022

Does kaguya have a third eye? ›

Background. This dōjutsu was first manifested by Kaguya Ōtsutsuki as a third eye on her forehead after eating the chakra fruit of the God Tree. It was also possessed by the Ten-Tails, the result of Kaguya merging with the God Tree.

Is koishi invisible? ›

After the fight with the heroine, Koishi starts to become curious about the human race and begins to investigate them. The humans can't see her because of her ability to control the Subconsious. (She uses her ability to become invisible to humans).

How do I unlock koishi komeiji? ›

Unlocking Koishi Komeiji

Walk towards the payphone and after doing so, make a contact between your avatar and the payphone and then the Last Word of Koishi Komeiji will appear on the screen minus Koishi. Finally, you will be kicked from the game and have Koishi Komeiji unlocked.

How long does it take for your third eye to open? ›

There's no specific rule when it comes to how long it'll take to open your third eye. Some people believe it can take a few days, a week, a month, or much longer. Others say it can take years or even a lifetime of practice. In Covington's opinion, opening your third eye is a practice you should devote time to daily.

What do you see when your third eye is open? ›

We Become Aware Of The Field Of Energy

This is a fun and playful side effect of opening our third eye. The intuitive center can perceive the subtle fields of energy that our physical eyes often can not sense. This field of energy is a vibratory field charged by thoughts, intentions and emotions.

What is the red Rinnegan? ›

The Rinne Sharingan (輪廻写輪眼, literally meaning: Saṃsāra Copy Wheel Eye) is a dōjutsu kekkei mōra and the predecessor to the Rinnegan and Sharingan. It is characterised by red sclerae and irides, with a ripple pattern spreading over the eyeball and nine tomoe.

What eye is Otsutsuki? ›

See this note. The Jōgan (淨眼, lit. Pure Eye) is a mysterious dōjutsu that is implied to belong to the Ōtsutsuki Clan, and used by those who strongly inherited the powers of the clan[citation needed]. Boruto Uzumaki has so far been the only wielder of the dōjutsu, having awakened it in his right eye.

Does Sasuke have a Rinne Sharingan? ›

In the Fourth Great Ninja War, Sasuke Uchiha, who was already the reincarnation of Indra Otsutsuki, met Hagoromo after he was in a near-death state. Just as with Naruto, Hagoromo gave half of his chakra to Sasuke, which led to his left Sharingan turning into a Rinnegan.

Are there humans in gensokyo? ›

Most Touhou characters reside in a fictional realm called Gensokyo (幻想郷, 'Land of Illusions'), where humans and yōkai coexist. Gensokyo's culture are like those of feudal Japan, but the Touhou games take place in the present day.

How tall is Koishi? ›

Approximately 100mm in height. JUN (E.V.)

What youkai is koishi? ›

The younger sister of Satori Komeji, Koishi, like her sister, is a type of Youkai called a Satori. While Satori typically have the ability to read the minds of others using their third eye, Koishi was unable to deal with the hatred from others who despised this ability, and so she closed her third eye.

When was koishi born? ›

Koishi was born in Tosu on August 22, 1977. After graduating from Rissho University, he joined the J2 League club Sagan Tosu based in his local area in 2000.


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