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"The strong survive, the weak die" that is the rule in kaido's world. And yet kaido is begging for death, not from a lack of weakness, but in his own words " I'm tired of this boring world" The hype behind Kaido as a villian defies logic. His intro starts with the beast, trying to end his own life, while people like Urouge the mad monk are trying to stay alive. What follows next incomprehensible, as he survives a fall of 10000 metres, and still in shape to dispatch 3 formidable rookies of the worst generation who where plotting after all, to take down a yonko. In this formidable show of strength, we are at least made known that he was defeated 7 times, and captured by the marines a couple of times as well. I thought we could humanize this persona a little and destroy that myth of invincibility, after all our man Luffy will fight the guy, and he could learn a thing or two. Below is my list of the 7 people who may have defeated him and why i think so.

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Gol. D. Roger ; The man who conquered the grand line. I strongly believe he defeated Kaido. If there was a pirate who could do it, it was him. Kaido seems intent on replicating his success, and has gone out of his way of attacking his former crew members, and allies as well. maybe fueled also by revenge, who knows.

Whitebeard ; The strongest man in the world especially after his rival's passing, Roger. There is no way he got that title without clashing horns with top brass like kaido. Unfortunately, what we got to see was, old, sickly and dying whitebeard, and not the vintage man in his youth but what he did in marineford, bears testament to his strength.

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Kaido, bid his time and waited to attack the old man, who was on the way to save his son. I think Kaido was after revenge, i mean why will he attack only at that time. what was the gain.

Garp (the Fist) ; i believe he is the strongest marine ever, and with kaido captured a couple of times by the marines, i can't think of any other person up to the task of defeating kaido. it would be a sweet twist of fate if this was the case, and his grandson got to defeat a one time rival, just like with chinjao.

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Shanks ; Yea, u heard me. He foiled Kaido's plans of stopping wb. i don't think Kaido backed down like akainu upon his arrival, or he retreated without a fight, after he displaced himself to attack wb. there had to be an all out fight between the two. Now while the probability may be that is a draw, i believe it to be a kaido defeat, at least by intent. since his initial plan was foiled. To think that Eustass Kid planned on taking down shanks with all his crew behind, when they couldn't even defeat kaido, alone is funny to say the least

Big mom ; Yea i know lola screwed up things for her with the whole titan marriage annulment stuff, but she told luffy point blank that "nobody can kill that thing" from big mom, with conquerors haki, a strong crew of epic proportions, as well as the soru soru no mi must mean that she must have fought kaido some time in her youth, and tried killing him but to no avail. her love for strange beast makes this theory not far fetched.

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Shiki the Golden Lion ; Forget about that movie, luffy defeating shiki is pure fantasy and makes a nice fan fiction. Shiki almost annihilated Roger, and was crazy enough to break into impel down to kill Roger, just bc the idea of the marines killing his rival was disgusting to him. He couldn't stand it. and when Garp and sengoku stopped him, He become the first person to break out of impel down as well. he's in my list of one of the pirates of the old era to defeat kaido.

Dragon ; The most wanted man in the world, he certainly didn't get there by his opposition to the celestials alone, as he's bent on making everyone known that there is only one dragon, but i believe his fighting prowess alone has made him a force to reckon with, as akainu choose to eliminate luffy first before ace, and will not give up even after wb's snake beatings on him. Dragon awakens fear in the upper echelons of the military, and while he's not a pirate, i doubt he may not have clashed with kaido, with his top commanders who have developed a reputation for causing civilian destruction.

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this is my list, tell me yours......!!!


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