Fish Wife Tinned Fish — Windy Peak Vintage

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1-48 of 174 results for "fish wife tinned fish" Results. Check each product page for other buying options. Fishwife. Smoky Trio 3-Pack (Smoked Rainbow Trout, Smoked Atlantic Salmon, Smoked Albacore Tuna) | Gluten Free | Handpacked in BPA-Free Tins. 3.7 out of 5 stars. 62. 400+ bought in past month.

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Fishwife Fly By Jing Smoked Salmon with Sichuan Chili Crisp (Set of 3) $39. Fly by Jing. Buy Now. Save to Wish List. I tend to turn to canned fish for quick work-from-home lunches, so I already had a few ideas. The box offers a few serving suggestions along these lines, too. Use the chili crisp-laced salmon to top a veggie rice bowl, pack it.

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Tiny Fish Co. offers an array of tinned fish options that you can add directly to your meal. We especially loved the clams, or the Smoked Geoduck with Black Pepper, in a homemade seafood spaghetti.

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The Smoky Trio. $33.00. • 3 Pack. Add to Cart. Our all-star core line-up of smoked fish tins. For your friend who loves tinned fish, smoked fish, or ideally, both. The Fishwife Smoky Trio includes one tin each of smoked rainbow trout from Idaho, smoked mackerel from the United Kingdom, and smoked Atlantic salmon from Norway. Each tin is.

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One day in May, it occurred to them there was a gap in the American market for affordable, sustainably-caught, and well-branded tinned fish. "Tinned fish is the true fast food," says Goldfarb, a.

Fish Wife Tinned Fish — Windy Peak Vintage

Fishwife is a sustainability-minded, US-based tinned fish and seafood company. The brand got its start with simple offerings (tuna, salmon, trout), but much more is on the way. We spoke with Co.

Fish Wife Tinned Fish — Windy Peak Vintage

That is what first attracted me to the American-owned Fishwife brand of tinned fish. Besides having a great name, Fishwife has colorful, eye-stopping illustrated, whimsical packages.

Fish Wife Tinned Fish — Windy Peak Vintage

Millstein, who was working in the music industry at the time, teamed up with her TV writer friend Caroline Goldfarb to found Fishwife at the height of the pandemic. The Los Angeles-based business.

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November 15, 2023. Preserving fish is a generations-old practice, but Fishwife is changing the game with their take on highly versatile, ethically sourced tinned seafood. Inspired by Spanish and Portuguese conservas, this new, female-led brand crafts portable, premium, and protein-rich smoked fish at affordable price points—an easy.

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Fishwife. Buy on $140. The set comes from one of our favorite tinned fish brands, Fishwife. The female-founded, Los Angeles-based brand practices and promotes responsible sourcing.

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Fishwife. The billion-dollar industry behind canned tuna and other tinned seafood products has steadily grown in size over the past few years, and Fishwife is certainly no small part of it. During her appearance on Shark Tank, Millstein revealed that Fishwife earned $750k in 2021, $2.6 million in 2022, and was on track to make $5.8 million by.

Fish Wife Tinned Fish — Windy Peak Vintage

The Starter Pack. $75.00. Add to Cart. Introducing The Starter Pack! The mother of all Fishwife products, this mega-pack includes one tin of each of our Fishwife tinned fish—that's a lotta tinned fish! Plus, it come with free Fishwife snacking toothpicks! This set includes:

Fish Wife Tinned Fish — Windy Peak Vintage

Shop all tinned fish seafood and other Fishwife goodies.

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Tinned Fish Forever Pack. $42.00. Add to Cart. For the new and aspiring tinned fish lover, a bundle of best-sellers that include everything you need for an immaculately curated tinned fish board. This set includes: 1 tin of Smoked Rainbow Trout. 1 tin of Cantabrian Anchovies in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 1 tin of Slow Smoked Mackerel with Chili.

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But you can still stock up on Drifters' smoked and tinned sockeye, which we highly recommend you do. Tinned Sockeye Salmon, 2-Pack. $24. Drifters Fish. This article was originally published in.

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Welcome to Fishwife, a tinned fish company bringing conservas culture to the North American table. Shop now.