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A cheese board with cheddars and blues. Murphy loves pairing a simple cheddar with the whisky because of its rich, fatty flavor. "The cheese plays perfectly off the silky and oily mouthfeel from.

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Canadian whisky is perfect with oily and fatty foods, cheeses, and seafood - which works well, because Canada has a lot of those kinds of things. Appetizers: Canadian bacon, blue cheese. Entrees: Smoked salmon, tilapia, roasted meats. Dessert: Maple flavored desserts like pecan pie, candied bacon, maple pancakes.

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If fatty foods aren't an option, cask-strength whisky will pair better with a few drops of water added. However, I always recommend trying the whisky without water first and adding drops as you go along. Stronger whisky pairs better with sweeter nuts, while sweeter whisky pairs well with bitter nuts. Choose roasted nuts with smokier drams.

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A: Here is a list of the top 11 snacks that can amplify the flavors of your whiskey: 1. Dark Chocolate: The rich cocoa flavors harmonize perfectly with the maltiness of whiskey. 2. Salted Nuts: The saltiness of nuts provides a delightful contrast to the smoky and woody notes of whiskey. 3.

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Shoot for something salty, crunchy, and mild in flavor for the best pairing. Think saltine crackers, Ritz crackers, Rye chips, water crackers, and the like. Dried Fruit. A selection of dried fruits adds a new texture to help elevate your whiskey tasting. Dried fruits such as raisins, dates, and cranberries are the perfect match for whiskey for.

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The robust earthiness of both varieties pairs nicely with most bourbons, without overwhelming your palate like peanuts and cashews. We recommend sticking with raw or lightly candied options and avoiding salted or smoked products that can mask subtle flavors in your bourbon. Perfect Whiskey Pairing: Almonds with E.H. Taylor Single Barrel.

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6. Apple Pie. Fans of this comfort food will be delighted to know it pairs well with whiskey! This dessert's sweet apple crisp blends well with salty caramel whiskey and vanilla-flavored drinks. Flavored spirits with hints of vanilla, honey, raisins, and stone fruit are excellent matches for apple pies. 7.

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Nuts or snack mixes. Snack mixes that include pretzels, sesame sticks, rye chips and peanuts are a great option to munch on while enjoying whiskey. If you're thinking of adding nuts, pay attention to the types of nuts as the ones you think might pair well with whiskey do not. As a general rule of thumb: heavily roasted nuts go well with smoky.

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Gouda Cheese. Gouda cheese is a semi-hard cheese with a nutty, caramel-like flavor that pairs well with a variety of whiskeys. The sweetness of the cheese can complement the sweetness of bourbon or the smokiness of scotch. A good pairing to try is an aged gouda with a spicy rye whiskey like Rittenhouse or Old Overholt.

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2. Meat. Whether on a platter, atop a cracker or shoved in a sandwich, meat is a great snack to enjoy with scotch. Strong, rich flavours found in whisky go perfectly with beef cuts, whilst smoky whisky blends work great with meats on the grill.

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Sweeter whiskeys will pair well with bitter nuts, while strong whiskeys go perfectly with sweeter nuts. You can get creative with fruit and mix and match to create an interesting combination of flavors. Nuts like cashews, pistachios, and pecans pair really well. 2. Fruits. Citrus fruits will pair best with whiskey.

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Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey - With its slightly fruity and spicy profile, Bulleit can add depth to the cracker's simplicity without overpowering it. Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey - Its well-rounded profile makes it a versatile pairing with different types of crackers. 6. Cheese.

4 easy tea times snacks recipe quick evening snacks recipes light

Tags: Cheese. Crispy corn, Dried fruits and nuts, Finger sandwiches, Grilled steaks, Nachos, Quinoa puffs, Whiskey, Whiskey and Food, Whiskey food pairing. If you're hosting a part for your friends, here are the 7 best snacks to pair with your whiskey so you can be the perfect host!

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Nibblies. Any worthwhile evening of culinary delights starts with a few nibblies, the food category most commonly paired with whisky. Whether you're tempted by nuts and dried fruit, would prefer to dive headlong into some really good hummus, can't resist an olive or 10, or you're a slave to cheesy delights, each of these snacks is a key waiting patiently to unlock a greater appreciation.

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The fun, of course, of pairing whiskey and food at home is the sampling and experimenting along the way. When in doubt, simply give things a taste and trust your instincts. "The most important part of your preparation should be your own palate," Morgan says."Taste the food, taste the whiskeys.". That's a plan we all can follow.

Easy to Make Snacks Turkey and Cheese Rolls (Recipe) Healthy Snacks

For example, a crunchy snack can pair well with a smooth whiskey. Aroma: The aroma of the snack should not overpower the aroma of the whiskey. With these factors in mind, let's take a look at some of the best snacks to pair with whiskey. 25 Snacks for Whiskey Tasting Cheese: Cheese is a classic snack that pairs well with whiskey. Try pairing.